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Estate Planning Services

Our Estate Planning Process

At Willockx Law, estate plans are created to fit the individual needs and wishes of your family. Generally, this is how it goes.

Free Consultation

Our client/attorney relationship begins with a free consultation. During the consultation, we will determine what services you need and how we can assist you. Please call (586) 580 1680 to set up your consultation at a convenient time for you. We offer flexible appointment times and locations, and we will come to you if needed!

Initial Planning

After we've determined how we can be of service to you, we will sit down for our initial planning meeting. Our goal is the make the estate planning process simple.  We meet to discuss what will happen to your children and assets with your current plan (or lack of plan). Then, we will discuss what you would like to happen. If your current plan doesn’t meet your goals, we can design a plan that does. This initial meeting will help you learn about the estate planning process, identify some areas of concern, and help you to start thinking about what needs to be addressed. 


After discussing what your plan looks like, generally there will be some homework. Most clients do not have all the documents and answers they need in the first meeting. This is normal and expected. Don’t be afraid if you don’t have something you think you need for the estate planning process. We will help you fill in the blanks as we go.


After your homework is complete, we will meet to sign your documents. We will set up a meeting to review and sign all of the documents in your estate plan. The plan will be presented to you in a way that will be easy to understand, and we’ll go through it with you. Once you sign your documents you are well on your way to having your family protected.


This is generally the final meeting in the process.  At this meeting, you will receive your estate plan, including any necessary copies. We will work with you to make sure your estate plan is properly “funded,” meaning that your assets are positioned to help your estate plan do its job.


Your plan’s maintenance is very important.  As your situation changes and as the laws change, we will review your plan at your request to make sure your plan still accomplishes your goals. If you ever have any questions about your estate plan, we are happy to answer them at no cost.